Married two times to Red and to Blondie

Red was a Nympho and Blondie was a butt

Sluts nor Brains change just because of I do

Been blessed to know…

All of the minutes of our yesterday are gone

Only snapshots and memories keep them alive

Yesterday, we all lived through it, good and bad

We breathe today because of…

The riot that we all witnessed on January 6th in D.C. was disgusting, but we haven’t seen anything yet I believe. When people are spouting hatred from both sides the sensible center gets squeezed and injured. Those politicians who now cower and say that they ‘didn’t know’ that people would act like this. Really folks, are they really that damn stupid, like children playing with expensive toys not knowing that they just might go boom?

I am not some great wise man, I’m just an old guy who reads a lot and pays some attention to some of the issues…

A poem for you to consider please

The ground we walk on is Hells high acres

Earths Pimples do pop and the Earth shakes

The Pit of Hell is at…

A poem for your consideration

At the Rapture of Christ will we be watching

We say we are faithful but what will He find

Will my Lights be on and…

A poem for your consideration

Three odd decades spent on the Nations Green Stamp

Running our roads from North to South, East to West

Over thirty-two years the Road and the World changed

From a Green-Horn as hell to a seasoned old gear slider

Some smoked a little pot for courage, I preferred the Bible

You see and your hear the world changing behind the gears

All different kinds of people and all different kinds of weird

A few love, some hate, most just don’t give a damn any more

People used to be much better and so was the…

A short poem for your consideration

The insane are we ourselves or our mirror images

Whew the anger when I turned on my T.V. last night

Maga, Trumpian idiots, posing…

This is not a commercial to try to sell you anything, this is just a statement of reality. First of all I am a 64 year old male who has lots of health issues including a very bad heart so exercising is out. I find that even bending over to pick up a piece of cat fur can end up painful. These are the reasons why I said no exercise as to walk from room to room is often quite a chore.

On January 1st of last year I stepped on the bathroom scale before my shower and the springs…

A Poem for you to consider

Ain’t got nothing against that there man in the Moon

That ole boy’s got food, or he done ate everybody else

We’re looking for…

Part 3 of 3

Here in the U.S. many people are killing themselves twice. The first death is of course when we vacate this dwelling we are in, our body. Yet far worse is the second death of Scripture which is separation from God forever. Truth is Scripture is not like some in the Christian world believe where after the death we will be judged, if good, unto paradise either here on the Earth or in Heaven in the Skies. But, (the good part) is that if you were a real butt-head in this life, you just turn to dust…

T.R. Savage

I am a 64 yr old Christian man who lives in Kentucky. I have been disabled for 7 yrs now. Was a long haul truck driver during 4 decades. Please do drop in.

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