T.R. Savage
1 min readSep 4, 2022


A Few Things To Think About ( #402 )

1.) When we have nothing in our days and our years they will seem like an eternity in their passing.

2.) Which person would we rather be, the person who lived to be 120 years old but lived it all in a prison, or a person who died at 40 but those years were full of life and living?

3.) It is a good thing to get to know those who hate us so that we can find out why, then we will become much better at protecting our own self from their hatred and anger.

4.) Those who hustle and get their butts up out of bed, get the best prizes.

5.) If someone is arguing that you should have a lower salary, that person should have to live on that wage first.

6.) When someone is trying to make others look like a fool, all they have really done is to show that they are the King of fools, idiots and used toilet paper.

7.) Most people of today tend to speak a lot yet say nothing.

8.) If we dread death and worry about our death every day, then we will die a little every single day.

9.) Us older folks are better at dealing with failures simply because we have had more experience with it than what the younger folks have had the chance to do.

10.) Is it better to be a slow walker and a fast talker or, a fast walker and a slow talker?



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