A Few Things To Think About ( #403 )

1.) If we are pleased with what we have our mind will retain peace.

2.) If we constantly strive for things that we do not possess our mind can not ever be at peace.

3.) If we lust for wealth or we lust for a person that we know very well that is not possible we will drive our self in sane and we still won’t have them, yet we could graduate to a rubber room.

4.) If we are blessed with good friends then our Soul is smiling at us from the inside.

5.) Do not fear death while we are still alive for worrying about such things just helps bring one down from the high of life.

6.) Don’t let the hardships that we face break us, over come them and we will become stronger because of them.

7.) Things have never made a person, people make the things, it is not the other way around so never ever let things that are just dumb dead objects have any control over us.

8.) A friend is a person who you know that you would go and help if you found out that they were in any kind of need.

9.) A low life fool is one who is always worried about their own future yet never bother to take care of the future of their own family.

10.) Nothing is ever enough for a self centered egotistical fool for they will always lust for more all the way to their entrance to the Gates of Hell and once their be amazed at why they are there.



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T.R. Savage

I am a 64 yr old Christian man who lives in Kentucky. I have been disabled for 7 yrs now. Was a long haul truck driver during 4 decades. Please do drop in.