T.R. Savage
1 min readSep 4, 2022


A Few Things To Think About ( #404 )

1.) When we can learn to keep our mouth silent our brain absorbs so much more.

2.) When someone gets us very angry it is best if we can remain silent and to turn around and leave before we do something that will result in someone’s death, maybe even our own.

3.) We will never remain a free person unless we learn to tame our own anger.

4.) We should be silent if all we can add to a conversation is something stupid.

5.) The simple words of yes or no can carry with them so much thought and meaning.

6.) Silence is the cornerstone of a wise persons thoughts.

7.) God is the wisest of all Beings and even the most learned of all humans are so very ignorant of Him.

8.) We all make mistakes but if we choose to lie about our mistakes our reputation just fell straight into the toilet.

9.) If we lust for someone then our mind has fallen out of step with good sense.

10.) I do not personally agree with this, but science says that only humans possess reasoning skills. I say this because I have seen many humans who seem to possess far less reasoning capacity than many animals I have come across.



T.R. Savage

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