Hell’s High Acres

T.R. Savage
Jan 11, 2021


A poem for you to consider please

The ground we walk on is Hells high acres

Earths Pimples do pop and the Earth shakes

The Pit of Hell is at the Core of our Earth below

We send down big bombs to give cracks for escape

Old Angles now running the Government’s here

Hell is a bit hot so please do not try to attend

Angles cast down, this ground is their last stand

From Grace on High, to Heat Below, They Rule here

Angles of High to the Ashes of Hell, the Fall is so far

Until the Rapture Sound, They shall, Live here among us



T.R. Savage

I am a 64 yr old Christian man who lives in Kentucky. I have been disabled for 7 yrs now. Was a long haul truck driver during 4 decades. Please do drop in.