Is Donald Trump The Grownup Version Of An Affluenza Child?

(This Article Was First Published on February 4th of 2016)

Most all folks here the States have had the un-pleasure of finding out that there is actually a word for a spoiled-brat other than spoiled-brat, it’s called affluenza. So, someone whom has this dreaded disease is a person that is given a huge excuse for accidentally killing people it seems. Could this be a product of 21st century parenting? Did this generation invent such creatures? No, we all know that here in America today the parents are not allowed to actually parent their own children within their own home and this has led to a rise in youth violence pretty much seen across the map. But can a good parent actually have a child described as a affluenza child? What will this young man in Texas face now that he is back home from his vacation? Will his mom now get a little jail time? What kind of person would allow his own Mom to do something for you that you knew would get her arrested and put into jail? These are all just questions, I’m just saying.

Now let us cast our thoughts to one Mr. ‘The Donald’, movie star and very successful businessman whom is a leading Republican in this current debate cycle. I have never met Mr. Trump, I have never done any business with the man and I do not claim to know him. But, how many of us have an opinion of him at all? Is our opinions of him valid? I have to admit that my thoughts of him in the past has been that he is a very egotistical person and that he is a hardball player in business. Now that Mr. Trump has put himself front row center on our T.V. sets I have learned a few more things about him that I didn’t know. I have learned that he has got a huge immaturity side of himself. I have learned that he seems to have little clue on what is written in our Nations Constitution and Bill of Rights and that did surprise me. I learned that Mr. Trump has little (okay, no) clue when it comes to Scripture. This I am glad for in that he is cold. Dr. Ben Carson on this issue is hot. And most definitely (in my opinion) Ted Cruz is luke warm. If you are questioning of what I am speaking about you can find out at Revelation 3:16.

So, in your opinion do we have any spoiled brats standing at those debate podiums? I was reading a few days back in an article on-line where Ms. Hillary is supposed to be financially worth 59 million dollars and that Mr. Trump is supposed to be worth 4.5 billion dollars. Ms. Hillary was not born into big money so she couldn’t have qualified to be a affluenza poster girl. I am not saying that she wasn’t spoiled or strong-headed but being poor or middle-class disqualifies a person. ‘The Donald’, he was graced enough to have been given more money at his college graduation from his Dad than most Americans will make in their lifetime. But, does that make him or any person an affluenza child? No, Mr. Trump by his own actions and words (in my belief) shows that he was a younger version of this young man in Fort Worth Texas. Whose fault is it when overgrown children misbehave? It is no crime to be successful and or to be very rich as long as you got there honestly. If you are at your goals now or are just starting toward those goals, what are you honestly teaching your kids along the way? Who knows, maybe your kids will grow up to be another billionaire businessperson, or, maybe you helped get them bent over in a Mexican jail.


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T.R. Savage

T.R. Savage

I am a 64 yr old Christian man who lives in Kentucky. I have been disabled for 7 yrs now. Was a long haul truck driver during 4 decades. Please do drop in.