It’s Called Trickle-Up Economics

I discovered an article I wrote back on January 9th of 2015 by this same title. After I complete this note to you today I am going to post this one and then post the one from 5 years and 8 months ago. Within the article I speak of a soon pending Federal “Stimulus Package”, folks Mr. Obama was our President at that time. As life so has it, this one article took a snap-shot back in time covering two subject matters. 1 One is what I have always called trickle-up economics and the next article today will describe it quite well without me repeating it here at this time. 2 Is the discussions going on about Stimulus Packages then, and now. I thought it was interesting enough to me that I decided to jot this note to you about it. Maybe the real-life realities will be of interest to you.