(Poem) So, You’re 66

Hooray, hooray, your 66 years old today

Social Security, now a little inbound jingle

Did you ever think you would see the years

Lot of good things happened, a lot of tears

Childhood was quite the survival stunt

Grayson to Custer to Boone we traveled

Years was our only escape from the cage

How often though we go one prison to another

You grew as a person and I have always loved you

Twenty years with a Cloth wrapped around your neck

Momma would be proud of the person that you are

With Dad it’s hard to know just what he would say

Always, I have been glad you’re my sister

You’ve always been kind to your little brother

You’re a one and only don’t do any do-overs

Sis I love you and I’m pleased I’m your brother


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T.R. Savage

I am a 64 yr old Christian man who lives in Kentucky. I have been disabled for 7 yrs now. Was a long haul truck driver during 4 decades. Please do drop in.