Married two times to Red and to Blondie

Red was a Nympho and Blondie was a butt

Sluts nor Brains change just because of I do

Been blessed to know many a beautiful women

Thought if ever a third she would be a golden Brown

21 Years ago a Brown Headed White girl turned me around



All of the minutes of our yesterday are gone

Only snapshots and memories keep them alive

Yesterday, we all lived through it, good and bad

We breathe today because of surviving another day

Yesterday's mistakes do not need to lay heavy upon us

Once we’re forgiven in Grace, it’s over with and it’s done

Through God’s love for us all He forgives our sins like, yesterday



A poem for you to consider please

The ground we walk on is Hells high acres

Earths Pimples do pop and the Earth shakes

The Pit of Hell is at the Core of our Earth below

We send down big bombs to give cracks for escape

Old Angles now running…



T.R. Savage

I am a 64 yr old Christian man who lives in Kentucky. I have been disabled for 7 yrs now. Was a long haul truck driver during 4 decades. Please do drop in.